We are a team of four long-time friends who got to know each other years ago through World of Warcraft. Not to mention that we’ve been living in the same town for the past 15 years. 🙂
Anyway. We consist of system administrators, graphic designers, programmers, and web developers. And as we like IT in general and we work in this field professionally, our passion and focus are for the hardware: laptops, desktop computers, and computer parts — processors, graphics cards, motherboards, you name it.

We buy stuff, test stuff, gather lots of info online through forums, IT websites, and magazines. We are always trying to be up to date with the latest models of gaming laptops, GPUs, processors, etc.

With this site, we want to share all the knowledge, gathered on a daily basis, and help the visitors to buy a specific piece of hardware depending on his/her needs. With sharing (affiliate) links, pointing to the particular items on the Amazon store, we earn a small percentage of the item’s price. Of course, at no additional cost for the buyer. This way, it keeps this website alive and supports our work. We are grateful for that.

Cheers, and be good! 🙂