This website is all about PC games and PC gaming hardware. PC games are games that use personal computers as their platform. PC gaming hardware is the combination of all kinds of parts making up the gaming computer.

Nowadays, PC games require powerful CPUs and GPUs, which can be extremely expensive. However, if you’re willing to spend the time gathering and assembling your components, hardware options are available for a fraction of the price.

Building a powerful computer from scratch will give you more control over your rig and might also save you some money if you want upgradeability and compatibility. While some manufacturers may emphasize specific components over others for marketing reasons, it should be noted that every gaming build plays a different role depending on what kind of game you’re trying to play.

This website aims to help people find new and interesting builds and decide what kind of build they want. Here you’ll find the best hardware for each component- part of your setup. You can also read about some common mistakes that you should avoid while building a PC. Since many different components are involved in making your computer work, it’s essential to know which PC hardware components do what and how they work together. It’s also good to learn the basics of troubleshooting if something’s not working quite right. If you’re into overclocking or tweaking, then it might be helpful to know more about what makes up inside your system so you can tweak it more precisely.

We hope this website proves beneficial for all those interested.

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