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You also burned your RTX GPU while playing New World?

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When Amazon released their New World game, were you one of the millions of players that rushed to its servers? An abnormal increase in the temperature of your graphics card has been detected. No? Then you’re one of the fortunate ones who put in your gaming rig a high-quality graphics card that was unaffected by a shoddy computer game.

They’re all either playing New World or stuck in huge server waits. The game has surpassed a significant milestone, becoming the fifth most popular game on Steam in terms of user count. However, several users have expressed worry that their brand new graphics cards have been ruined by the company New World. After Amazon received a number of complaints about RTX graphics cards malfunctioning, they said that they had not found any faults during testing the game. As a result, manufacturers and low quality graphics card manufacturing have been confirmed as the root cause of this issue.

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According to PC manufacturer PowerGpu, only clients with EVGA’s first generation of graphics card models, specifically the RTX 3080Ti, RTX 3090, and RTX 3080Ti, were served by the company’s services. There is no danger in playing the New World, they say. “We encourage that gamers who have had a hardware issue contact the manufacturer,” Amazon states.

Despite the gamers first blaming the developer, the card manufacturer is the primary source of the errors. Certain card families’ solder connections were of lower quality, resulting in card failure while playing the game. EVGA confirmed this issue immediately after the cards were released. There is a good chance that even if you don’t play New World, you will come across an app or game with similar issues. Amazon, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten off easy. In truth, the game’s development code is poorly written. Well-known YouTuber JayzTwoCents has revealed that the game apparently bypasses the power consumption restriction of some graphics cards. Graphics cards use more energy than they are designed to consume even if users have power limits in place, which is a significant strain on the devices.

If you’ve been affected by this issue, you should contact the GPU manufacturer and alert Amazon. If you’re unsure whether or not your graphics card is having problems, be cautious while playing and keep an eye on the amount of power it uses. We urge that you stop playing and contact Amazon and the manufacturer if you detect unexpected jumps beyond a specific limit.

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