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How Much RAM Do I Need for WoW?

Ram stick on a background from World of Warcraft

Short Answer:

The official system requirements for World of Warcraft are just 4GB of RAM, but that’s for the bare minimum to get the game running. To have a good experience and not run into any lag, you’ll want at least 8GB. Also, if you play on an integrated GPU, you would need a minimum of 8GB.

If you prefer playing games on a laptop, and your current laptop is old and not worth upgrading, you may want to check out what we think is the best laptop for WoW. We made a list of 5 laptops that can run the game smoothly.

Longer Answer:

This is not a straightforward answer to the question because it depends on many factors, such as what type of computer you have, how much other software you’re running simultaneously, and how high your in-game graphics settings are. However, a basic rule of thumb is that you need at least 4GB of RAM for WoW. 

If you’re playing on a desktop computer, 8GB is a good amount of RAM to have. This will give you plenty of room to multitask and run other programs or games without experiencing any slowdown in WoW. On the other hand, if you’re using a laptop, you may want to consider upgrading it if you’re having problems with performance.

RAM isn’t the only thing that affects your gaming experience, of course. Your graphics card, processor, and hard drive all play a role as well. But make sure you have enough RAM is the first step.

How do I check how much RAM I have?

On Windows, you can check your computer’s available memory by going to the Control Panel and clicking System. The number next to total memory will show how much RAM you have installed in the computer. Mac users can go to their Apple icon > About This Mac > More info… and look for Memory under Hardware Overview.

If you need to upgrade your RAM, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Not all RAM is created equal. So it’s essential to buy a quality brand name like Corsair, G.Skill, or Crucial.
  2. Make sure your motherboard can handle the new RAM. You can find this information in the motherboard’s documentation or by searching for it online.
  3. Always follow the instructions that come with your RAM to install it correctly.
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