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Battlefield 2042 Is Currently Ranked Ninth Worst On Steam.

Battlefield 2042 bug: player floating in the air.

Will 2021 signal a dramatic shift in the future of multiplayer shooters? It appears so since the industry has long been controlled by the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, but now it looks that these two series will eventually fade into obscurity.

At first, the gamers were dissatisfied by the somewhat lukewarm Call of Duty: Vanguard, which essentially merely reinvented the wheel and didn’t give anything remarkably fresh. Despite having been in production for much longer than Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 was just launched and has been heavily criticized.

Players complained about several enormous maps during the beta, which were excessively big even for full servers. Now that the game has been published, there are no longer excuses for the beta scenario, and criticism has begun to pour in from all directions. DICE has disabled things like the built-in server discovery and meaningful communication via the microphone, and you can’t even view the current score during fights, for example.

Players have also reported poor optimization and a slew of bugs. For example, game characters become trapped in objects, teammates’ resurrecting doesn’t always function, and there’s a glitch in the game that distributes bullets fired in a random direction with several weapons. On consoles, the situation is significantly worse; in particular, the Xbox Series X console is having a lot of issues, with the game resetting the system and a lot of random jams and framerate drops.

The greatest sin, though, is server failures. They can’t take the load and break down quickly. This causes a lot of dissatisfied gamers since they paid for the game and now can’t play it.

Players’ disappointment may now be felt on Steam, where Battlefield 2042 is getting a flood of bad reviews. The game currently has a “Mostly Negative” rating, with just 10k positive ratings out of 43k, with the rest of the ratings being red.

This put the game on the notorious list of Steam’s worst-rated titles, where it now ranks 9th.

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