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The 9 Best Addons for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Best Addons For WoW

Here in this article, we will be showing the best addons for World of Warcraft, for each of the different gameplays in World of Warcraft, leveling, raiding (PvE), and PvP.

To make World of Warcraft a bit more enjoyable, players can resort to a whole range of modifications that change all sorts of things – so-called Addons. These can be easily installed on your PC or laptop running WoW.

Addons in WoW provide players with additional information, making the game more comfortable or merely passing the time. However, for some areas like PvP or raids, some Addons are a “must-have”. Both for getting started with the new Shadowlands expansion and for the endgame.

If you’re new to the game and want to know how to install addons manually, check this guide.

The Best WoW Addons for Dungeons and Raids (PvE)

Player versus Environment (PvE) content is one of the most significant aspects of World of Warcraft. In dungeons and raids, it is essential to be well prepared. With these top 3 addons, you have the ideal fundaments. 

Details! Damage Meter

A damage meter shows you how much damage or healing you have done and compares it with other party members. Such data is essential for the analysis of fights and your improvement.

Details! is the most customizable of all damage meters and uses the least amount of RAM. You can also see who died from what, which enemy took the most damage from which abilities or was interrupted – without any performance drop.


Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM for short) is a kind of “easy mode” for all sorts of fights in dungeons and raids. Deadly Boss Mod addon tells you what abilities bosses have and hints you how to deal with them during the fight. Even professional guilds rely heavily upon this Addon.

DBM also, in some cases, distributes raid icons to individual players when they have to perform particular actions. Most of the time, the messages displayed are self-explanatory and make many battles much easier and more enjoyable.



WeakAuras is a bit more complicated than other addons. It’s a kind of a sandbox that lets you display just about anything. You can create your displays with WeakAuras that give you information about cooldowns of abilities.

WeakAuras can highlight your abilities as well as those of enemies. There are pre-made auras for bosses and classes or specializations that you can even share with your party. It takes a bit of training, but it’s worth it – a must-have addon for many raids.


The Best Addons for Leveling in Shadowlands

The latest Shadowlands expansion completely changes the leveling phase of World of Warcraft. It squishes the maximum level to 60 while leveling itself becomes significantly faster and adds a whole new starting area with the Isle of Exiles.

There are countless addons for WoW that are supposed to make leveling easier or faster. We’ve picked out three addons for you that will give you a few advantages on the way to the highest level or make everything more pleasant.

Bagnon and Scrap (Junk Seller)

If you’re an experienced WoW player, you probably have your bags and bank clean and in order. However, it’s not always the case while leveling, especially for new players with auto-loot turned on.

Bagnon combines all your bags into one big bag. Together with the addon Scrap and the standard plugin Bagnon Scrap (all three are needed separately), it shows you all the useless items in your bags.

When your bags are full, you can simply click a button at the nearest merchant – and everything that has no particular value will be sold with one click.



Dominos screenshot

Dominos breaks up the standard WoW action bars and lets you customize, move, and group them however you like. It makes the user interface a bit clearer and easier to customize.



Probably the most useful Addon for leveling and also for the end game is NPCScan. NPCScan gives you audiovisual signals when a rare enemy (rare mob) is found and marks it with a raid icon.

You can select a found NPC directly from the Addon’s interface. Rare mobs reward you with better loot and a big chunk of experience, making NPCScan especially useful for leveling.


The best addons for PvP in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

With Shadowlands expansion, the rival between Horde and Alliance fades into the background a bit but is still present, especially in open-world PvP. The usage of addons in PvP is a highly personal choice, but our top 3 give you a solid base if you want to improve your PvP gameplay.


One of the most important and very likely THE most crucial PvP addon is Gladius. This Addon helps you keep track of your opponents when you fight with other players in the arena.

Gladius gives you information about your opponents’ PvP talents, specialization, health, mana, casting, and so on. You can customize Gladius to adjust the amount of information to your needs or use default settings.



With OmniBar, you get an overview of the cooldowns of the essential abilities, yours and your opponents’. Icons with a timer show you which ability can be used again and when. It also works in open PvP.

You can customize to which abilities from which class you want to track – which makes it more evident for certain fights by allowing you to hide unimportant ones.



GladiatorlosSA2 screenshot

This Addon is great for PvP starters. GladiatorlessSA2 tells you which important abilities are currently being used by your opponents.

GladiatorlessSA2 doesn’t show you the cooldowns, but it does help you learn. It also enables you to deal with crowd control effects better by telling you precisely what you’re getting hit with.


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